About Ultimate Attraction

What makes Ultimate Attraction so different to other agencies?

Ultimate Attraction is exclusive, sophisticated and is aimed at busy professionals only aged 30-59. Personal Matchmaking is heavily London centric but we are different and are therefore happy to take on members from all around the UK.

Ultimate Attraction is very much centred on our members, and reflects lifestyle and the building of a career, where time moves fast, where there are never enough hours in the day and where you just want to cram the maximum you can into living.

Sometimes however, it can be too easy to neglect ourselves, particularly when focussing on other things and living life to the max. Often it can be your love life that suffers and finding that special partner, then falls to the bottom of the agenda. If that is the case in your life, then let us help and a conversation with one of our Membership Advisers is the first step. You can call us at any time 9am until 9pm and we will be there to put you in touch on 0800 644 4190. Or complete our contact form and we will be back to you within 24 working hours.

Mike Parker, Ultimate Attraction ltd


Dating Consultant

A Harley Street based Relationship Expert, who provides optional initial and ongoing support to our clients throughout their membership term.


VIP Matchmaker

With 10 years of Professional Matchmaking under her belt, Helen provides that personal service to our clientbase that others just cannot aspire to.